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99serviceis a digital platform designed for multiple portfolio of daily needed service in our daily life style. Confused? Let’s be cleared about all this. Suppose in your daily life style one day you need one electricity service provider. Then what you should be done? The natural answer is we should go for nearby known electricity shop and hire him or her to maintain the service. Is it really? Now what we do here? At the same problem just visits to us from your smart phone or from your laptop or desktop. Here you may find one part that from where you should hire one service man for this particular problem. Now what we do that we contact the best service providers from your area. And hire him or her for yourself. And send to your home to solve the problem as soon as possible. Now what is the difference from your booking and booking by us? In your daily life we think you don’t have enough more time to searching who is the best service providers for this problem. And how much the perfect price or cost will be for this problem. But our experts know about this. So from every locality we search and hire the best service providers for you.

Positive side of this booking

Positive side of this booking is that you are getting always the best service providers to maintain your problem. Second another thing is that the price is fixed. We will never charge you more than submitted here. We charged the exactly price what should be perfect for it. So you are getting the best service providers, you are paying the actual and perfect price, you don’t have to search the best for a whole day and much more. Is it not good for you? Just think twice before leaving us.

Information: Our platform is not only for help to the people who are looking for best service providers. We are also for them who are the perfect for any kind of service we need in our daily life style to lead a better life also. So if you are belong to any service just registered yourself as business service providers

First word to you is nice to meet you and welcome to our platform to earn extra money. But remember you have to give us and the people who are hiring you your best performance. We are promising service providers within the best and actual price. We should pay you for every single word you do provided by us. There is no chance to get money delay. After confirmation by the hiring people you should get your money in your account. Because we never pay cash in hand to our any service providers. We should find work for you locally just you have to complete it. Now what is easier to earn extra money than it? If you are thinking this is a very bad idea then you should leave us. If you think no this is a very good another way to earn more money then you are welcome to this network.

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