Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are going to book any service the first thing you need that you must have a free account here. Now here read our article to know more how to create your free account. To make an account just click the create account or sign up option. Then fill up the form with accurate criteria and details. After fill up now click on the send button. Now within 24 hours our executive will send you your login Id and password on your registered email id. Now your account is ready to use. You can make unlimited booking with the best offers.

Now if you are a service providers then what you should do. At the footer just take a look that there is an option of business login. Now click on the link. Here you have to submit some details about yourself and about your business. If not find where to submit business details then just relaxed, first of all fill up with the details required and click the send button. Within 24 hours we will send your corporate Id and password at your registered email. With the details just make login to your account. There on your profile section you have to submit your business details. Now post unlimited types of service which you can provide to the customers.

This is the perfect place to hire any service providers for your need. This is a place for providing services, this is a platform maintains by service providers and this is a place to get best, safe and secured service. Now the first things you have to know is that what is the way to book any service. Let me inform the process. First of all if you are going to book any service you must need an account. Now first of all you have to create one free account here. For booking any service just make login. After login successfully now you have two option. You should request us for any service. Then we should contact to you. And secondly you should book any available service which is on your login page.

General Questions

One person How many service can post

Here we should provide 99 types of categorically service to the people. Anyone can post about unlimited service if he or she can provide. There is no limitation about this matter. But when one person posting multiple types of service we will contact him/her for verification of the account.

How to pay for any service

At the time of the booking you have the button about paying to us. Just click it. You should pay to us through multiple of ways. And you should pay from your bank account directly. If you have any quires about booking you should contact us anytime.

How to cancel any booking

It is very easy also here to cancel any service previously booking. From your account just click at the docket number of the booking service. Click the docket and from there just cancel the service. But remember processing fees will be deducted at the time of refund.

How to check promotion details

If you are getting our business or account or apps. Website promotion service just make login and at the menu option just check that there is one option with the word promotion details. Just click this and check the result of your promotion.

How to find any service

We have 99 types of service here. But it is not possible to keep every service on the front page. So if you need any service which is not on the front page just make a search with the service name. you should find it.

How to make any complain against any service provider

You have the full authority to book any service provider from the list. If you have any complain against the service providers you should contact to us. If the complain is against any sexual harassment our suggestion is to contact local police station as soon as possible.